Reflection Paper Outline

28 11 2007

1.What is the digital divide?
2.What is digital citizenship?
3.What is service-learning?
II.How can service-learning help diminish the digital divide?
1.Examples of service-learning at work
2.Personal experiences in service-learning
III.Why is all this important?
1.Effect of ICT skills on the digital divide
2.The Digital Nation

Selected Bibliography

O’Hara, K., & Stevens, D. (2006). power, poverty and the digital divide. Oxford: Oneworld.

Wilhelm, A. G. (2004). Digital nation toward an inclusive information society. Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press.

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Digital Divide Network

National Telecommunications and Information Administration. “A Nation Online: Entering the Broadband Age.”




6 responses

28 11 2007

Hi Katie,

I can’t really tell from the outline what your paper is about-is it about your service learning, a literature review, etc?


28 11 2007

Maybe if you put your thesis out there it would help flesh out the outline for you. I don’t know enough about your experience with Regina, but I thought the interaction where she wanted to know why she needed computers at all was really interesting. Maybe there’s an idea in there somewhere – what do people miss out on if they can’t access ICT, and what if they don’t want to?

28 11 2007


It sounds like you have a decent idea where you want to go with this paper, which is more than I can say for mine. I think you definitely need to focus in on a line of argument before you write. In my experience, writing before I know where I want to go with a paper usually turns out worse than it would’ve if I’d done more thinking beforehand.


28 11 2007
TJ Pawlak

In your “examples of service-learning at work” section I am wondering if that is going to focus solely on service-learning of an ICT-based nature or service-learning in general. I can’t decide if using exmples of other areas where service learning is useful and comparing them to ICT is relevant enough or will serve enough of a purpose.

28 11 2007

When you are doing your “What is…” sections, be attuned to the absence of unified definitions. Most of these terms are contested and a good paper highlights the debates over meaning and the points people agree and disagree. Indeed, the categorization of such debates and differences is a key function of the scholarly lit review.

2 05 2013
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